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3 months ago
Meenakshi Jain's latest book chronicles the destruction of temples, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain, over the centuries at the hands of mostly Islamic invaders, and the attempts made, where possible, by the faithful to preserve the deities by ferreting them out of the temples before the marauders came to destroy temples and idols. These attempts succeeded sometimes, and it would take years, decades, or sometimes, even centuries, for those idols to be r ... more

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7 months ago
A History of Conflict The author points out that there has been a history of conflict at Ayodhya. Not only Ayodhya, the references she cites often point out that there are numerous other temples which were forcibly converted to mosques according to the well-known Mahomedan principle of enforcing their religion on all whom they conquered (Carnegy 1870). Somehow this history of conflict forms the seventh chapter of Meenakshi Jain’s Rama & Ayodhya ... more

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10 months ago
A review of basic information on Hindu rituals, dress, customs, festivals, worship, and nature of Hindu spirituality, designed for the lay public and especially for many Indians and interested westerners in North America