Gaurav Upadhyay thinks it is amazing
2 years ago
We have often heard that Hindus' is one of the few civilisations which survived the onslaught of Islam in medieval centuries. But the story of how we managed to survive had not been told so far. It is for telling us this story in her latest book "The Flight of Deities and Rebirth of Temples" that Prof. Meenakshi Jain deserves out heartfelt appreciation. As Dr. Koenraad Elst has remarked in his review, Prof Jain's book is a novelty in Indian histo ... more

Anil Kumar Gowni thinks it is amazing
2 years ago
This is very highly intense and edge of the seat thriller, and its unfortunate that this is a true story. It pains to know that how our culture and heritage is systematically robbed and looted over the years and governments apathy towards protecting this invaluable heritage. Authors passion is commendable and his continuous efforts are still on going even today.

Priyaranjan thinks it is amazing
1 year ago
Exceptional stories of heroism and courage !! I don't have adequate words to praise this book well enough. This book is a collection accounts of extraordinary people  who laid down their lives for our country. The book is well researched and kudos to the author for writing on extraordinary people and freedom fighters of India who are lost in Oblivion.  The book is fast paced and easy to read. Cover page and title of the book compel you to pick ... more

Abhinav Agarwal thinks it is amazing
2 years ago
Meenakshi Jain's latest book chronicles the destruction of temples, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain, over the centuries at the hands of mostly Islamic invaders, and the attempts made, where possible, by the faithful to preserve the deities by ferreting them out of the temples before the marauders came to destroy temples and idols. These attempts succeeded sometimes, and it would take years, decades, or sometimes, even centuries, for those idols to be r ... more

Anand thinks it is amazing
2 years ago
A History of Conflict The author points out that there has been a history of conflict at Ayodhya. Not only Ayodhya, the references she cites often point out that there are numerous other temples which were forcibly converted to mosques according to the well-known Mahomedan principle of enforcing their religion on all whom they conquered (Carnegy 1870). Somehow this history of conflict forms the seventh chapter of Meenakshi Jain’s Rama & Ayodhya ... more

praveen rai thinks it is amazing
2 years ago
A review of basic information on Hindu rituals, dress, customs, festivals, worship, and nature of Hindu spirituality, designed for the lay public and especially for many Indians and interested westerners in North America