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Yuganta- the end of an epoch

Books reflecting Mahabharata
  • Hey Abhishek...a few books that I have read with Mahabharata as its theme or based on the epic's characters are - 1. Yuganta 2. Parva 3. On The Meaning Of Mahabharata 4. Palace Of Illusion (an alternate reading on Druapadi) 5. Jaya 6. Duryodhana (it was an old book written from Duryodhana's perspective, and I don't remember the Author) 7. Yayati (not exactly the central character of the epic but a very fine piece of literature) 8. Abhaya (a story involving Krishna and Narakasur with the backdrop of the Mahabharata) I love to read about Mahabharata and stories of its characters, and every time there is something new to learn from them. For me the ability to learn something new from the epic even if I read the same story twice is a major attraction. So, I am always on the look-out of good books based on it.
  • by Ujjwala Singhania, 2 months ago
  • Hey folks. Having read a few books based on Mahabharata I feel like it'd be good to have a discussion on some of the best books written which narrates the story of Mahabharata or its central characters from different perspectives. Yuganta, The Difficulty of Being Good, Bhima Lone Warrior and Jaya are some books I've read and I'm currently reading Parva. Would love to find out if others have read these books or have suggestions for other similarly themed books and what you liked about them!
  • by Abhishek, 2 months ago