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16 January, 19

Operation Johar - A Love Story
by Abhishek Banerjee (@AbhishBanerj)

The Contest

There will be a series of questions based on characters and incidents in the book. We will be running three sprints with two questions and a winner each. For an entry to win this contest, both answers should be correct. Obviously!

Use the hashtag #IBCBookContest while tweeting your answers and don't forget to tag @indicbookclub. There are some really great books to be won!

On your mark, get set, go!



1. Can you spot where M S Dhoni makes an appearance in Operation Johar?
2. What did the Vadera business house want to build in Ranchi? (Clue: Read Chapter 14 carefully)

The Book

Meet Somu. His days are divided between tackling physics problems and the taste of fresh parathas and alu-gobi. He is in love with Sangeeta, the girl next door. She is seven years older than him - and a doctor.

Sangeeta already has a boyfriend. An odd fellow named Jatin who says he will change the world. Then there is a shooting and Jatin disappears. Slowly, Somu and Sangeeta unravel a story of murder, betrayal and ultimately an act of unbelievable cruelty that is `Operation Johar.'

Who is the mysterious woman that Jatin meets in the forest? What is Jatin's strange obsession with conquering the power that she calls the `Guardian of the forest'? And will Jatin really push Sangeeta over the edge of the waterfall to her death?

In 2003, the state of Jharkhand and its capital of Ranchi have become a playground for the forces of hope and the forces of fear. And a bit of love. This is that story.


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