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In The Footsteps Of Rama: Travels with the Ramayana

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Vikrant Pande and Neelesh Kulkarni's quest to retrace the trail of Rama's fabled travels during his years in exile began with their trying to locate Chitrakoot on the map and realizing that they had little idea where it might be. Curious about the places mentioned in the Ramayana, they set off on a journey of their own, following Rama's route from Ayodhya to the Dandakaranya forest and Panchavati (near Nashik) and on to Kishkindhya (close to Hampi), Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka. Along the way they would discover how closely the narrative of the Ramayana is linked to local folklore, and how the stories of the Ramayana and the moral framework that binds them together still speaks to the people who live in the land across which Rama, Sita and Lakshman made their journey. For the armchair traveller as well as the enthusiast for epic tales, this is a wonderful book with which to revisit the world of the Ramayana.

    Hardcover, 272 pages
    Published 26-04-2021
  • Original Title : In The Footsteps Of Rama: Travels with the Ramayana
  • Publisher : HarperCollins India
  • Genre : Ramayana , Ancient , Non
  • ISBN : 9354226388 (ISBN13: 9789354226380)
  • Edition :first
  • Language : English
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Sharad rated it
September 03, 2021
शान्तं शाश्वतमप्रमेयमनघं निर्वाणशान्तिप्रदं ब्रह्माशम्भुफणीन्द्रसेव्यमनिशं वेदान्तवेद्यं विभुम् । रामाख्यं जगदीश्वरं सुरगुरुं मायामनुष्यं हरिं वन्देऽहं करुणाकरं रघुवरं भूपालचूड़ामणिम्।। I had always wondered whe ... more
ping rated it
August 31, 2021
In The FootSteps of Rama: Travels with Ramayana is an enchanting travelogue of the two authors following the journey of Ram from Ayodhya to Lanka and back. The book documents various places the authors visited and their attachment with Rama in his journey. In every few pages, the book takes a break from the travelogue and tells a story related to the life of Ram. The authors have tried to authenticate every little detail possible by taking references from 5 different versions of Ramanaya written by different authors of different times. They are ... more


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