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Rukmini: Krishna's Wife

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Part history, part legend, part sacred lore, Rukmini will leave the readers spellbound. Rukmini nodded with a confident smile. ‘Trust me, Acharya. In addition to the mayhem I fought against in my own family, I also fought against the fear of uncertainties that would envelope my life, if, all gods willing, I wed Krishna. I am no stranger to the fact that life would become only more challenging at Dwaraka.’ A Princess. A Lover. A Goddess An overreaching emperor thought he would use her as a pawn. Her eldest brother became a tool of her enemy. In her own family, she had none to call her own. But Rukmini, the princess of Vidarbha, made a choice. She would not bow down to patriarchy. The story of Rukmini is often overshadowed by the glorious exploits of her charismatic husband, Krishna Vaasudeva. For the very first time, this novel gives Rukmini her due. It portrays the life of the feisty bride who made bold choices not only while eloping with her beloved but all through her life to become a resplendent goddess, a fitting partner to the most beloved god of the land.

    Paperback, 256 pages
    Published 10-04-2021
  • Original Title : Rukmini: Krishna's Wife
  • Publisher : Rupa
  • Genre : Historical , Puranic , Indian , Culture
  • ISBN : 9390356083 (ISBN13: 9789390356089)
  • Edition :first
  • Language : English
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Srivalli Rekha rated it
May 05, 2021
Rukmini is shown as a docile spouse, while Satyabhama is the feisty and outspoken one. The famous Thulabaram emphasizes the difference between Rukmini and Satya and how they express their love for Krishna. It does seem surprising to see her so mellow, especially since her marriage to Krishna was an elopement. Rukmini, the Princess of Vidharba, sends a letter to Krishna asking him to take her away right before her forced marriage with Sisupala, the prince of Chedi. What if Rukmini is the same fiery woman who chose her own fate? What if she held ... more
May 04, 2021
This is really an amazing book to read. I legit cried at the end. Such beautiful words and phrases. Indian history have always been most astonishing one and our female Goddess are the real example of braveness. Being a women I can literally feel everything in this and actually understand it. Rukmini Devi is one of the fighter and most beautiful Goddess I've read about. This book really make me more close to Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna always have been a great part of my life as I've worshipped him from so long. Now they've become more close and ... more


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