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The Life of Mahabalipuram: Pulsing Stories Trapped in Stone

Mahabalipuram is an Indian historical landmark, vastly important to Tamilian culture. Yet it has largely been forgotten by the long arch of history. This book serves to uncover and untangle the many fascinating narratives of the people and art that have populated that little town by the sea, both past and present. What results is an engaging look at a little-known piece of world history, that illuminates a passion that runs deep in the very foundation of the city. The rulers of Mahabalipuram were erudite patrons of the arts, but also formidable warriors. The sculptors of then and now were brimming with passion and skill for their extraordinarily detailed and spiritual art. What's most striking about Mahabalipuram's many players through the centuries is the life they've poured into that city. It's a vitality that deserves to be heard.

    ebook, 80 pages
    Published 21-09-2014
  • Original Title : The Life of Mahabalipuram: Pulsing Stories Trapped in Stone
  • Publisher : Apoorva Malarvannan
  • Genre : Ancient , Medieval
  • Edition :1.0
  • Language : English
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