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ADI SHANKARACHRYA’S ‘BRAHMSUTRA SHANKAR BHSHYAM’ A person who wishes the Liberation / Salvation or Emancipation from the materialistic world & attains Mortal & Immortal wisdom, control over the materialistic wishes. He who wants to know the knowledge of God, bows to the feet of Sad-Guru & by the blessings/grace of Sad-Guru and God, studies the school of Advaita & commandments of Vedas, Upanishads, BrahmSutra [ Vedant-Darshan ] & God created Shastras. He achieves at the end of this materialistic earthen Outer Body & finishing his karmas & luck, satisfied & saturated by all worldly wishes, by Self Realization – Atman Sakshatkara, demolish One’s-SELF within the Inseparable God’sSELF or Parmatma/God. Then gains Kaivalya-Mukti (Mukti) & attains the Supreme Truth beyond the worldly horizon. He never returns to the World on Earth or does not take rebirths again & again in the Reign of Mrutyuloka (DeathAdobe) / World of Death. He attains Complete Salvation / Liberation / Emancipation of SELF / Atman. This book shows how to go to uncovering the unknown layers of ignorance & illusion to realize One’s-SELF. This leads to Moksha, Mukti, or Nirvana [ Liberation / Salvation or Emancipation ], which every human seeker wishes to break the cycle of Birth & Death. ** Detailed Original Scripts & Extracts of All Upanishads by Maharshi Badarayana ‘Vedvyas’ & Commentary by Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya & its Translation in Simple Gujarati, an Indian Regional Language plus its detailed Explanation [ called Vyakhya ] of ‘Shankar Bhashyam’ having name ‘Param Jyoti’ by an Author in Gujarati. ** Explanation of Karma, Ignorance, Adhyas, Bondages to Jivatma, Its realm of Ishvar, Paramatma “ Jivo Brahm Ev, Na Aparaha” [ Jivatma HimSELF is Paramatma, Not Differ from Paramatma ] …Quote by Adi Shankaracharya. ** Who is Adhikari - Authorised to know the Great Knowledge of Vedas- Books of God. ** Detailed outlines of all four Vedas Ganan-Kanda [ Chapters of Supreme Knowledge ].

    ebook, 192 pages
    Published 17-07-2020
  • Genre : Veda , Shastras , Shruti , Classical
  • ISBN : 1311207364 (ISBN13: 9781311207364)
  • Edition :
  • Language : English
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