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Krishnavatara Book V - The Book of Satyabhama

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    BOOK, 185 pages
    Published 1974
  • Original Title : Krishnavatara Book V - The Book of Satyabhama
  • Genre : Krishna (Hindu deity)
  • ISBN : 935029589X (ISBN13: 9789350295892)
  • Language : English
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Anand rated it
August 31, 2019
This book of the Krishnavtara series is more like a love story. The plot of the novel is well known. Satrajit was a Yadav chieftain who had a jewel (Mani) Syamantak by virtue of which he was very rich. His daughter Satyabhama was in love with Krishna and planned to marry him. Krishna requested Satrajit to give away Syamantak to the kingdom for benefit of all Yadavas but he was reluctant. One day when the Syamantak is stolen and his brother found missing Satrajit blames Krishna for this murder. Krishna goes on to find Syamantak. In the forest, h ... more


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