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Saundarya Lahari

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The Sonudarya-Lahari occupies a unique place among the works associated with the Tantric systems of philosophy and Sakti worship. Adi Sankara studied Kundalini from Gurupadacharya the author of a very important work,"Subhayodaya".Having studied,practiced and internalised the principles contained in this work,Sri Sankaracharya received special instructions based upon the personal experience of his guru.And adding his own personal experience to the above,he composed this famous work,consiting of hundred slokas - the first forty one of these form "Ananda Lahari" and the rest forming the "Soundarya Lahari". In this work,commentaries of several great scholars have been compiled and translated into English.All the "Prayogas" are illustrated with yantras.

    158 pages
    Published 01-06-2003
  • Original Title : Saundarya Lahari
  • Publisher : Ganesh & Co
  • Genre : Shruti , Smriti , Hinduism
  • ISBN : 8185988191 (ISBN13: 9788185988191)
  • Edition :Latest Edition
  • Language : English
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