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India's Biggest Cover-up

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India's biggest cover-up is an investigative insight into the Netaji mystery and its stranger than fiction subplots. Relying heavily on official records bulk of them still security classified in violation of democratic norms the book uncovers a systematic obstruction of justice by the Government of India. First for any book in India, the narrative has been augmented with the excerpts and images of still secret records. Archival material and information obtained under the freedom of information acts of India, the US and the UK has also been made use of.

    448 pages
    Published 17-06-2012
  • Original Title : India's Biggest Cover-up
  • Publisher : Vitasta Publishing Private Limited
  • Genre : History
  • ISBN : 9380828691 (ISBN13: 9789380828695)
  • Language : English
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Devanjan Bose rated it
December 07, 2019
India's Biggest Cover Up is the most revealing book of the decade. It deals with the most politically sensitive issue of independent India- the death mystery of Netaji Subhas Chandra Boss. Must read.
Indraneil basu rated it
December 05, 2019
India's Biggest Cover-up by Anuj Dhar , is a breakthrough in the Netaji Death mystery. Had the author of this book not taken initiative and written this book, the memory of Netaji would have had slipped into oblivion for ever . Thanks to theShri Anuj Dhar for rendering this National service.
Nikhilesh rated it
December 03, 2019
This book depicts the thrilling tale of Netaji’s death.. And how he came back as gumnami baba.. The author has done brilliant research which is visible in the book.. I’d request all the readers to read this book once to know how such a great freedom fighter was murdered in a web of conspiracies..
yksaini rated it
July 09, 2019
I have read this book a whole and Anuj Dhar did a wonderful job in writing . This is first book which i did not want to put down even after tired in office of whole day work. I read it everyday and its most well researched book I had ever read. Thanks and Kudos to author for all hard work and shame to Indian historian who turned away from such a leader's mystery. I felt cheated by government as we were taught that NetaJi( The true contributor to freedom of India) was dies in Taiwan. An amazing work and a must read for every Indian to know th ... more
July 07, 2019
India's Biggest Cover-up by Anuj Dhar is an explosive account that deals with the mysterious disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the tallest figure in the history of Freedom Struggle. The book busts the myth generated by the state sponsored plane crash theory. The book provides a plethora of hard hitting evidences that prove beyond the shadow of doubt that there was no such plane crash, and that Netaji was very much alive after 1945. It also puts forth shocking details on how the ruling dispensation purposefully tried to bury the trut ... more


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