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Caste as Social Capital

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Many consider caste as an outdated institution, but it thrives in post-liberalisation India. The establishment and running of businesses tap into caste networks, both in terms of arranging finance and providing access to a ready workforce.

By and large, caste has only been studied from a religious, social and political angle. Though it is widely accepted that caste has economic ramifications, any study of this aspect has been limited to looking at caste groups in terms of their per capita income, their representation in various professions, and other statistical details.

Caste as Social Capital examines the workings of caste through the lens of business, economics and entrepreneurship. It interrogates the role caste plays in the economic sphere in terms of facilitating the nuts and bolts of business and entrepreneurship: finance, markets and workforce. Through this qualitative view of caste, an entirely new picture emerges of caste which forces one to view this age-old institution in new light.

    Paperback, 152 pages
    Published 2019
  • Original Title : Caste as Social Capital
  • Publisher : Westland
  • Genre : Political Analysis
  • ISBN : 9388689119 (ISBN13: 9789388689113)
  • Language : English
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Guruprasad rated it
December 17, 2019
Read and tried to Understand a new perspective of Caste and how it can be and it has been used as Social Capital in India , will reread the book , always love the way Prof Vaidyanathan presents the Jargon of economics in laymen terms for general public to understand .
Vikas rated it
November 14, 2019
1. Book uncovers many myths built by the Macaulay Education system, contemporary historians and by the pseudo activist about the Indian Caste System with hard hitting facts. 2. It goes on to clear the air around the contemporary issues like reservation in private sector, OBC reservation and feat achieved by some communities in Domestic/International market. 3. It makes you understand this enigma called 'Caste as Social Capital" in a systematic and holistic view. Conclusion : Its provides you a different lens to look at the Caste System, its dee ... more


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