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TipuSultan- The Tyrant of Mysore

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This book is part of a series of books aimed at disseminating the accurate history of India drawn from the primary sources. History writing, especially about the medieval Muslim rule has been fraught with political correctness, controversy, and in several cases, downright falsification. This has occurred mostly with official state patronage. As a result, any attempts to correct this course has been virulently opposed with the result that most urban-educated Indians have now internalized a politically correct version of Indian history. The history of Tipu Sultan too, stands as a glaring instance of this distorted historical narrative. Indeed, we have seen, read, and heard about a lot of people claiming to be freedom fighters and receiving pensions from the Government. Several of these worthies would not have been born before Independence yet they succeed in such blatant manipulations. There are instances of portraying certain rulers and chieftains as true heroes who fought against the British Empire. One such ruler happens to be Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan is widely known as the Tiger of Mysore. Indeed, the image of Tipu battling a tiger barehanded crosses the mind whenever his name is mentioned. But is this the truth? Was Tipu Sultan truly the warrior as he has been portrayed? What exactly is his record of fighting the British? Was he really a freedom fighter as is widely claimed? Sandeep Balakrishna in this well-researched book, explores both the myths and the truth surrounding Tipu Sultan. A must-read for those who wish to learn the true story of Tipu Sultan.

    BOOK, 275 pages
    Published 28-01-2015
  • Original Title : TipuSultan- The Tyrant of Mysore
  • Genre : History
  • ISBN : 276590832X (ISBN13: 9782765908326)
  • Language : en
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Ashish Iyer rated it
March 14, 2019
This book was an eye-opener for me. I got so many information. This book also gives the account of Hyder Ali, father of Tipu Sultan. The author throws some light on Tipu’s religious bigotry, economic disasters, tampering of the calendar, breaking treaties, changing the names of cities and towns to suit his islamic bias, destroying Hindu temples, forming a battalion of forcibly converted youth for Jihad against Hindu against India, and similar acts of cruelty and misdemeanor. He changed the language from kannada to farsi. He imposed Jizya aga ... more


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