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Abhyudaya Ram Katha-II

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This is the second part of Abhyuday which completes the two parts of Ram Katha by Narender Kohli. It can be called one of the best books on Ramayana in recent times. Both from the language and the narrative part the book is enjoyable. This work treats Ram as "maryada purushottam" and not as a God. So religious influences are few and logic abounds. In case you are beginning with the reading of Ramayana, this can be picked up.

    592 pages
    Published 17-04-2017
  • Original Title : Abhyudaya Ram Katha-II
  • Publisher : Diamond Publisher
  • Genre : Ramayana ,
  • ISBN : 8128400274 (ISBN13: 9788128400278)
  • Language : Hindi
  • User assigned genres : Ramayana
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