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Pakistan Or the Partition of India

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This is one of the epics from Dr. Ambedkar. Written in 1945 the book really explains the dynamics of Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League and how Congress and British Government played a role in partition. Although this book takes you to the unheard side of partition, it is interesting on how linguistic approach was chosen for a division of something that is unsure if it existed. Dr. Ambedkar takes a fine approach of giving a clarity of situation instead of been judgmental on the partition. No wonder the man was chosen to write our constitution. Of course if the war of majority and minority is kept away, the partition and its tragedy can be ready more fluently.

    BOOK, 492 pages
    Published 09-10-2017
  • Original Title : Pakistan Or the Partition of India
  • Genre : Not defined
  • ISBN : 9781724155801 (ISBN13: 1724155806)
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Abhishek rated it
March 12, 2019
Dr.Ambedkar presents the case for and against Pakistan by exploring the options present to the two political parties of the time which were at loggerheads - The Congress headed by Gandhi and the Muslim League led by Jinnah. He explores the various facets of the problem at hand which are quite a handful - the motivations, ideologies of the different parties, the case of the Hindus for a united India, that of the Muslims for a separate nation, the alternatives to having and not having Pakistan, the geographical aspects of dividing a country etc. ... more
Ashish Iyer rated it
March 06, 2019
Pakistan or the Partition of India or thoughts on pakistan are same book. Everyone should read this book. Ambedkar wrote this book in pragmatic style. Those who come up with the narrative "British divided us". Read this book to know the real reason. Ambedkar talks about muslim and hindu mind quite in detail. Role of congress and muslim league. Book go in details about roles of Mohd Iqbal who wrote Saare jahan se achcha and Syed Ahmad Khan founder of aligarh muslim university . Muslim league were already planning for separate muslim nation. Both ... more


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