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Making a Difference

The biggest problem most entrepreneurs face is capital. Sometimes, no amount of belief and conviction in an idea is enough for a financial entity to back it. This is especially true in the case of aspiring entrepreneurs in a developing economy. Without financial backing, entrepreneurs are stuck, and without entrepreneurs, the economy is stuck. Seeing this vicious cycle, Shivani Siroya, a United Nations economist, switched gears to begin InVenture, the first global micro-investing platform. InVenture incorporated the innovative use of mobile technology to provide a credit scoring and reporting platform. This revolutionized the low income financial services industries—from financial services institutions to micro-entrepreneurs in emerging countries. Making a Difference is Shivani Siroya's enlightening story, which highlights the importance of identifying and believing in a vision to impact the people who need it the most.

    BOOK, 25 pages
    Published 25-12-2017
  • Original Title : Making a Difference
  • Genre : Literary Collections
  • ISBN : 9387326829 (ISBN13: 9789387326828)
  • Language : en
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