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Update on the Aryan invasion debate

This book on the developing arguments concerning the Aryan Invasion Theory consists of adapted versions of papers the author has read:the first at the World Association of Vedic Studies (WAVES)conference on the Indus-Saraswati civilization in Atlanta 1996,the third at the 1996 Annual South Asia conference in Madison,Wisconsin and in a lecture at the Linguistics Department in Madison;the fifth contains material used in author?s paper read at the second WAVES conference in Los Angeles 1998;the second and fourth were read at lectures for the Belgo-Indian Association,Brussels,and at the Etnografisch Museum,Antewerp.

    BOOK, 342 pages
    Published 01-08-1999
  • Original Title : Update on the Aryan invasion debate
  • Genre : Social Science
  • ISBN : 1452956707 (ISBN13: 9781452956701)
  • Language : en
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ABOUT Koenraad Elst
Koenraad Elst

Koenraad Elst distinguished himself early on as eager to learn and to dissent. After a few hippie years he studied at the KU Leuven, obtaining MA degrees in Sinology, Indology and Philosophy. After a research stay at Benares Hindu University he did original fieldwork for a doctorate on Hindu nationa ... more


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