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The Sabarimala Confusion - Menstruation Across Cultures: A Historical Perspective

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A book studying how menstruation is treated across cultures. It demolishes many myths associated with Dharmic views on menstruation and menstruating women.

    Published 25-12-2018
  • Original Title : The Sabarimala Confusion - Menstruation Across Cultures: A Historical Perspective
  • Publisher : Vitasta Publishing Private Limited
  • Genre : Hinduism , Indian , Contemporary ,
  • ISBN : 9386473461 (ISBN13: 9789386473462)
  • Edition :First Edition
  • Language : English
  • User assigned genres : Hinduism Studies
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ABOUT Nithin Sridhar
Nithin Sridhar

Nithin Sridhar is the Editor of IndiaFacts and Advaita Academy. He writes on spirituality, religion, culture, politics, ecology and social issues. Though trained as a civil engineer who has worked in the construction field, Nithin has moved to journalism since 2015. He is based in Mysuru, Karnataka. ... more


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Nidhi M Shastri rated it
July 22, 2019
Most relevant read of contemporary times. Thank you Nithin Sridhar for the extensive research and factual compilation on menstruation, a topic that has achieved the status of taboo. The book is definitely an eye opener for those wanting to know the cultural, social and historic perspective that reached peak owing to chaos raised in the name of Sabarimala.
Anand rated it
June 25, 2019
Maybe you forgot to ask WHY? Quite often than not, when someone calls the product of a brand better, as compared to some other brand, we ask why? Why is this better than that? It’s easier to compare tangible products, but when it comes to intangible ones, usually the question “why” is forgotten. Some celebrities endorse it, or in peer pressure and at times for immediate gratification or just to avoid constant pestering we just say yes to it. Should this be the way? Think of the topic of menstruation. How the narrative around periods is b ... more
May 09, 2019
The popular discourse on Sabarimala Temple Case wrongly attributed women’s entry to gender inequality and negative notions of menstruation in Hindu culture. The adharmic media cabal in India launched propaganda citing oppression and discrimination of women in Hindu culture and belittled Hindu traditions. The knowledge gap that exists between popular discourse on menstruation and public awareness on the same was exploited by the adharmic cabal. This book seeks to fill the knowledge gap on the Hindu notions of menstruation. It is in fact a s ... more
Anand Rai rated it
March 08, 2019
After the sabrimala episode and watching J sai Deepak explain things very eloquently on TV and other platforms, I had changed my view from neutral to supporting the restriction but I still had few questions & I have to say that after reading the book, those few questions have also been answered. Nitin Ji has done a fantastic job explaining the positions of all the schools of Dharma on menstruation and their comparisons. One also gets to understand the importance of broad umbrella that is Sanatana Dharma, it has multiple views regarding menstrua ... more
abhilash uppala rated it
February 05, 2019


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