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Am I A Hindu?

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A lively, compelling, and truly informative book on Hinduism, it traces the belief system from its ancient riverbank origins to its present day status as a major world religion. It paints a comprehensive picture of Hinduism and takes the reader on a journey as it asks, and answers, life's most timeless and enduring questions.

    BOOK, 234 pages
    Published 28-12-2012
  • Original Title : Am I A Hindu?
  • Genre : Religion
  • ISBN : 8129128098 (ISBN13: 9788129128096)
  • Language : en
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Anand rated it
March 12, 2019
The oldest of the Hindu scriptures were written in the form of dialogue. ‘Kathopnishad’ is the discussion between ‘Yama’ and ‘Nachiketa’. Years later when Gandhi wrote his ‘Hind-Swaraj’ he followed the same style. This book also is in the form of a dialog between a Hindu and his America-born son. The son wants to understand how Hindu family traditions work, what they are, and if they are relevant for him today. The book is not too technical, so you won’t find too hard discussions on philosophy and ideologies followed by vario ... more


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