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Women in Indian Mythology

Women in Hinduism have, since time immemorial, played a significant role-as Shakti assuming the power of creation, as the divine mother, as sages, as spiritual and religious leaders, as noble queens, as ideal wives and as compassionate daughters. They have been the basis of inspiration to both men and women for centuries. This book profiles twelve such legendary women, including Ambika, Devahuti, Draupadi, Parvati, Saraswati, Sati, Shakuntala and Sita. All these women belong to the early Vedic times and are still revered for their extraordinary powers and roles. They symbolize the virtues that Hinduism ordains its followers to pursue. Women in Indian Mythology should be of interest to the students of philosophy, Indology, Indian history, gender studies and all others who wish to know more about the role of women in general and during the Vedic period in particular.

    BOOK, 109 pages
    Published 26-05-2019
  • Original Title : Women in Indian Mythology
  • Genre : History
  • ISBN : 8129132826 (ISBN13: 9788129132826)
  • Language : en
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