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What Is Hinduism?: A Guide for the Global Mind

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A small book which has probably inspired hundreds of Hindus while making them non-apologetic.

    274 pages
    Published 18-10-2018
  • Original Title : What Is Hinduism?: A Guide for the Global Mind
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury India
  • Genre : Hinduism ,
  • ISBN : 9789388038 (ISBN13: 9789388038638)
  • Language : English
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Anand rated it
March 15, 2019
What’s ‘Dharma’ and why is it different from religions? For me the answer is simple. The ABC of religion stands for Assure, Believe and Convert. Religion Assures that this is the only correct way and all else is wrong. Hinduism has no such fixed concept or rule. You may choose ‘dwaita’ or ‘adwaita’, a particular deity or in formless superpower or ‘nirun brahma’. Believe of religions say that you have to put all your faith in a single book whereas Hinduism has a library to choose from. Convert obviously means actively trying to ... more
Ashish Iyer rated it
February 07, 2019
Interesting book. Eye opener in many ways. Those who don't know anything about Hinduism should read them as well. It covers all basic aspects. You can see how it is different from other religion.


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