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Yuganta- the end of an epoch

by Karve , Irawati ,

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This book written by Vidushi Irawati Karve is a delight for readers. The first edition in Marathi was out in the year. It brings out the human side of the characters of the Mahabharata, leading us to set aside the divine angle of viewing the Mahabharata and look at it , especially its characters with human qualities, eligible to praise, fail, chide, mock, and not always hold a venerable high ground.

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Anand rated it
September 19, 2019
You will have to put your judgmental attitude at bay. There are no perfectly good, or perfectly bad people. This is what Mahabharata tells us. Somehow viewing it as per the narratives set by films and TV series, we do tend to align Pandavas with heroism, courage, truth, benevolence and other such virtues. On the other hand Kauravas and all their associates are considered greedy, lecherous, plotting-scheming, bigots, who should be abhorred under all circumstances. Somehow with Mahabharata this doesn’t seem to be the case. Every character has ... more


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