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Twisted Threads: A Satire on Power, Politics and Pollution

4.5, 6 Ratings 3 Reviews

When Vivekanand Modi wins the general elections, the world turns upside down for She Who Shall Not Be Named. Fearing the loss of her political power, carefully nurtured over the years, she leaves no stone unturned to undermine the new government. The ever loyal echo-system thrusts a reluctant Amulya, the young heir to her vast political empire, to take the plunge into the buzzing beehive. The only problem is that, despite all the support from dead leaders to speaking machines, Amulya has the unerring knack of running away to secret lands... Meanwhile, the Jinn who was released from a magic lamp by Abdul Malik, decides to traverse the real, the social, and the magical worlds, twisting them all. "Hilariously incisive and thought-provoking. Bhavesh has a superlatively deep take on the system which couldn't have been presented any funnier." Ashwin S Kumar, ex-Columnist, The Unreal Times. "Sharp, edgy political satire, with more 'Laugh Out Loud' moments than a Rahul Gandhi rally." Gappistan Radio, Former Editor, Faking News.

    Paperback, 146 pages
    Published 2018
  • Original Title : Twisted Threads: A Satire on Power, Politics and Pollution
  • Publisher : Notion Press
  • Genre : Satire , Humour , Contemporary Indian Writing ,
  • ISBN : 1684662052 (ISBN13: 9781684662050)
  • Language : English
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Chandan Singh N rated it
July 11, 2019
What a brilliant and inspiring book.
January 08, 2019
What a brilliant book ‼️ A Must read, to know & understand what is happening around us in the current socio-political context Truly twisted my imagination, trying to figure out the references.... Succeeded in many, but have to read again to fully figure out Going to start from the beginning again 😄
Anamika rated it
January 02, 2019
Twisted Threads - A Review On page zero starts the satire Our author is verily on fire: Candle, mushroom, pigeon, Diya, lamp, religion And other icons you'll admire! Oh, Angry Gods ye shall receive Dedication you cannot conceive! The Foreword hast come, From the drum of dumb chum, For a satire that demands qui vive. We see Nojobs and MRIs, Risque acronyms come in a trice, Nomenclature, intense! And Oh! the suspense! "On your toes!" will be my advice! Rhyming intro to each chapter With incisiveness of a raptor Reluctant Dynast, Green Ghost, ... more


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