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India's Most Fearless: True Stories of Modern Military Heroes

4.43, 23 Ratings 7 Reviews

Fourteen stories of Indian Military heroes of recent times.

    236 pages
    Published 23-08-2017
  • Original Title : India's Most Fearless: True Stories of Modern Military Heroes
  • Publisher : Penguin Random House India
  • Genre : Military History ,
  • ISBN : 9780143440 (ISBN13: 9780143440444)
  • Edition :First edition
  • Language : English
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Preet Nigam rated it
June 18, 2020
This book gives a glimpse of the heroism of the protectors of our nation i.e. the Indian Armed Forces. It narrates 14 stories of extra ordinary bravery and valor. The authors have met the troops involved in carrying out of the operation and in some cases have met the family members of the martyred soldiers as well. The first narration is about the surgical strikes conducted in PoK after the terrorist attack on Uri. The major who led the mission has been referred as Major Mike Tango so as to not reveal his identity. The operation was conducted b ... more
Nikhilesh rated it
August 21, 2019
Great book! Jai Hind!!


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