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Oh My Gods

'Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi, jung rahegi!', 'Afzal hum sharminda hain, tere qatil ab tak zinda hain!' Can such slogans change someone's life forever? Can these slogans affect someone in such a manner that he picks up a weapon against his nation? Yes, they can. Picking up a weapon was the only choice I had. I couldn't help it at that time. It was destined to be so, I guess. I did what I had to. But is that the way it is supposed to end? Or does destiny have something more in store for me? Am I capable of achieving something else in life? Is there someone out there who can bring me back to the real world? Or is this world full of only such people who are out to use you for their own benefits?

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ABOUT Manish Jaitly
Manish Jaitly

Manish is a retired army officer. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after serving for more than 20 years in uniform. Most of his military service was in J&K. In 1995, he volunteered to serve in Siachen Glacier. Apart from the glacier, he has also seen action against Pakistan in Uri, Akhnoor and Gur ... more


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