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On the Meaning of Mahabharata

by V.S. Sukthankar

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It was in 1942 that the late Dr. V.S. Sukthankar was engaged to deliver four lectures on the 'Meaning of the Mahabharata' under the auspices of the University of Bombay. However, the fourth and last lecture was not delivered on account of his sad sudden demise on the morning of the day fixed for it. The Manuscript (Ms.) of these lectures-a veritable treasure to cherish had remained lost to the world of scholars for the long period of fifteen years. It beared the title "Four Lectures on the Meaning of the Mahabharata." This rather heavy-looking title has been abridged here in publication into the substantial title "On the Meaning of the Mahabharata."

  • Original Title : On the Meaning of Mahabharata
  • Genre : Mahabharata,
  • ISBN : 8120815033 (ISBN13: 9788120815032)
  • Language : English
  • User assigned genres : Mahabharata
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Gautham R Shenoy rated it
September 19, 2018
Comprising of four lectures, Sukthankar masterfully handholds the reader into the wonderful world of the Mahabharata. This book can be read if you know the basic story, without necessarily having read the Vyasa Mahabharata completely. The first lecture sharply criticizes the German Indologists for their speculative analysis and their attempts at interpreting the text from the Historic-Lenses, something which neither do justice to the text, nor does it shine any new light. The subsequent three chapters view Mahabharata from an Adi-Bhautika, Ad ... more


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