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The Ocean of Churn

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Much of human history has played itself out along the rim of the Indian Ocean. In a first-of-its-kind attempt, bestselling author Sanjeev Sanyal tells the history of this significant region, which stretches across East Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent to South East Asia and Australia. He narrates a fascinating tale about the earliest human migrations out of Africa and the great cities of Angkor and Vijayanagar; medieval Arab empires and Chinese ‘treasure fleets’; the rivalries of European colonial powers and a new dawn. Sanjeev explores remote archaeological sites, ancient inscriptions, maritime trading networks and half-forgotten oral histories, to make exciting revelations. In his inimitable style, he draws upon existing and new evidence to challenge well-established claims about famous historical characters and the flow of history. Adventurers, merchants, explorers, monks, swashbuckling pirates, revolutionaries and warrior princesses populate this colourful and multifaceted narrative. The Ocean of Churn takes the reader on an amazing journey through medieval geopolitics and eyewitness accounts of long-lost cities to the latest genetic discoveries about human origins, bringing alive a region that has defined civilization from the very beginning.

    BOOK, 324 pages
    Published 10-08-2016
  • Original Title : The Ocean of Churn
  • Genre : Literary Collections
  • ISBN : 9386057611 (ISBN13: 9789386057617)
  • Language : en
  • User assigned genres : History, Ancient Indian History, Indian Subcontinent, Medieval Indian History, Geography
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ABOUT Sanjeev Sanyal
Sanjeev Sanyal

Sanjeev Sanyal is the Principal Economic Advisor to the Government of India. An internationally acclaimed economist and best-selling author, he spent two decades in the financial sector and was Global Strategist & Managing Director at Deutsche Bank till 2015. He was named Young Global Leader by the ... more


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Nikhilesh rated it
February 02, 2021
Sanjeev sanyal is such a brilliant author and this book, like his older masterpiece ( Land of the seven rivers) is a must read for anyone interested in learning history in a joyful manner. The author while narrating the history of place, person or culture and seamlessly correlates it with the present. I wish the textbooks of history & geography were even half of this much interesting!! This is the book that got me interested in finding out the Indic roots of south east asian countries. The book covers important points of history of the Indian ... more
Avatans rated it
January 07, 2020
The Ocean of Churn is an excellent book, a must read for all ages. It packs a lot of information in 262 pages and covers a lot in terms of timespan of history. It is a fun book to read in general. However, some sections are hard to read. For example, The Apocalypse in Merchants, Temples, and Rice chapter was traumatic because of the devastation, destruction, genocide, etc. it describes. Book is easy to follow due to its simple language. It should be used as a textbook and be made available in all Indian languages.
Anand Rai rated it
December 02, 2019
I am not a history student, this is something I started doing because I genuinely wanted to know things about my country, my people and how we are the way we are today. The Ocean of Churn did a fine job explaining many things which happened at the coasts of India, South East Asia, Australia, middle east and africa. Why some societies in the world have Matrilineal cultures while others don't. What role did climate & ocean play in the development of such societies? Spices weren't the only thing happening from India to Europe and Vaso-de-gama didn ... more
Arjun Anand rated it
July 23, 2019
Although I love reading history, but the story kind of narration of Sanjeev makes it thousand times more fun. Most importantly, the sea-coast centric book enlightens the reader about the much neglected parts of our history by conventional Marxist Historians.


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